Leaderboard Branding Creative Director - Amy Baynard


Creative Director

What inspired you to be a part of starting Leaderboard?

Branding is a really great business to be in. It’s creative. It’s collaborative. It’s engaging. It’s problem-solving. And it’s important to me to be part of a company that fosters the best and the brightest of what branding can be. Leaderboard is my opportunity to establish exactly that, to build a great branding company by leveraging what we know works, discarding what we know doesn’t work, and developing new approaches and processes to bring the greatest level of success to every project. 

From your experience, what is one piece of advice you would give to brand builders?

Give it a chance. By “it,” I mean name candidates, logo options, potential positioning statements, whatever. New is scary. When we encounter something we’ve never seen before, we are typically skeptical or even resistant. We immediately think of the reasons it won’t work and discard it out of hand. Do your brand a favor – focus on the opportunities first. Ask yourself: What do I see here that we could leverage to energize and optimize our brand? New is scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and impactful for your brand.

What brand is at the top of your leaderboard? (what is your favorite brand)

I’m a namer, so for me to love a brand, I need to love the names they use. And if your brand leverages puns and plays on words, I will love your brand. The nail polish company OPI is at the top of my list for creative, captivating and utterly awesome names. Why call a shade Red or even Candy Apple, when you can call it I’m Not Really a Waitress? Headed to California and want your pedicure to match your adventure? Choose between Time for a Napa, This Is Not Whine Country, or Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia, and you’ll be in a West Coast frame of mind – or feet – in no time. If you’re not enjoying the experience of picking your color, you can’t say it isn’t for a “lacquer” of effort.

When you’re not thinking about branding, what do you like to do?

I like to walk through the beautiful neighborhoods and parks near my house. It’s a great way to clear my mind or re-energize my creativity when on a branding project. I also like to get lost in a good book – preferably while lounging on a sandy beach, sitting on my screened in porch or stretched out in a hammock. Actually, I enjoy doing those things with or without the book.